For The Best Artificial Turf

Serving the Coachella Valley since 1997
  • photo30Traditionally it takes months and lots of labor to create a landscape that meets your ascetic desires. For many people the reality is that they have to work a lot of hours for a lot of years.
  • You deserve your time to just relax in your yard. Without all the hassle of maintaining a lawn, storing chemicals and fertilizers and lawn care equipment. With Estate Greens, it is easier than you think to have the perfect lawn. You will find you have more time and more space for doing what you love to do.
    Estate Greens works hand and hand with Ygrene. With this program you do not have to put money down to get 100% financing for efficient upgrades. Thus making installation of your beautiful lawn from Estate Greens just a phone call away. No fuss no muss. Our Helpful Professionals answer every call. At Estate Greens we help you with any design you desire. Estate Greens can actually facilitate your bundling of Turf and let’s say new efficient home windows. The genus is that we can help you to raise the property value of your home, save money and save time.
  • .Estate Greens only uses 100% American made turf. You will also be on the right side of water conservation. With new state regulations and rates this can really save your budget. Our synthetic turf requires no water, no fertilizers, no pesticides and absolutely no mowing. One of the largest landfill contributors is Yard clipping.
  • When it comes to water consumption, studies have shown up to 70% of an American water bill goes to the lawn. Our turf can save. An additional benefit for going Estate Greens is that an uncalculatable amount of pesticides and fertilizers  will not seep into the water table. With so many benefits to artificial turf it’s no wonder Estate Greens is the green solution for hundreds of people in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. In this day and age, we work long and hard and just want to enjoy what really matters. Come visit us at Estate Greens where we can make artificial Turf a reality for homeowners.
  •  For home owners artificial turf is an investment, Whether in time, energy or money. It brings property value and quality of life up and the stress of maintenance down. So why not have the best warranty in the industry. In the unlikely event that your turf needs repair; you can feel the peace of mind that sets Estate Greens apart. Easy turf has an 15 year standard warranty. Our Turf uses the latest manufacturing techniques. We only install the highest quality materials in the production.