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Synthetic Lawns


The benefits of eco-savings and the beauty of green.

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Synthetic Lawns – A smarter choice today, more than ever!

  • Synthetic Lawns – A smarter choice today, more than ever.
  • Beat rising water costs, and save money on maintenance costs.
  • Great for dogs; Widely used by dog owners & the pet care industry. EasyTurf is easily sprayed, cleaned and has drainage capability.
  • Synthetic lawns are an excellent choice around pool areas.
  • Front yards & ornamental areas always look great! No maintenance!
  • Low maintenance landscaping design where beauty meets maintenance and water savings

Resources and Public Agencies

Here are some great links to sites that contain water conservation tips, links to public agencies, and the benefits of being water conscience.

1. Be Water Wise
2. California Water Crisis
3. H2ouse (Water Saver Home)
4. California Water Awareness Campaign

Region Specific Water Agencies

A small collection of region specific water agencies / water authorities that provide information on county benefits and incentives for water conservation landscape improvements.

1. Indio Water Authority
2. Inland Empire Utilities Agency
3. San Diego County Water Authority


We sell and install EasyTurf Synthetic Lawns which have much less maintenance than regular grass, and we can give you the proper pointers to keep it looking as good as new.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]