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Is artificial grass good for everyone?

Estate Greens 

  • Homeowners todayphoto23 more than ever before,are choosing to ditch their water hungry lawns. These very same homeowners are switching to natural looking artificial grass. I think one reason is that the quality of artificial grass has become so good. In addition to all the state and federal programs for people, zero out of pocket doesn’t hurt either. These had ups can make the choice of switching easy. With application for every age its easy to visualize the value of Artificial grass. Our product can be used for tracks, fields, play grounds, decoration indoor, outdoors, walls and more. Estate Greens has a wide array of different natural looking options. You can customize your color or padding to fit your needs. With our proprietary Turf, you can have any look you desire.
  • Residential 
    • We offer 9 residential grass types and 2 golfing specific options. Home Owners are turning to artificial turf more and more these days. Common uses for artificial Grass are lawns, dog runs, play areas, pool surrounds, rooftops, putting greens, decorative borders between patio pavers. Since Estate Greens is partnered up with Ygrene Energy Fund having your perfect artificial lawn with little or no cash out of pocket is easy. As someone who has artificial grass another benefit is immediate and your imagination is the only limit.
  • Commercial artificial-turf-for-playgrounds
    • Business owner who maintain their properties know what goes into maintaining the grounds. Multifamily units, Retail, Office or Mixed use business location are common places where other use  Estate Greens. Most business owners do not know that the Ygrene program also applies to them. The ease of getting artificial grass translates into real savings. In the case of property owners who rent out multi-family units, artificial grass can offset costs for efficiency improvements by increasing property value and ultimately individual unit rent. Office building owners get to cut the the expenditure of gardeners and obvious water savings. This does a few things, two of those are reducing operating costs while providing attractive tenant lease opportunities. The second is the company benefits from higher net operating income. Estate Greens has been in business for 19 years, our number one priority is taking care of our customers. Not to mention our product has best warranty in the business and the experience to back our product.