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Serving the Coachella Valley since 1997

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1. Flawless Installation with Estate Greens

Estate Greens installs only the finest artificial grass, with the latest and greatest products. Estate Greens will install a complete landscape system which makes it more than just turf. Our infill material used during installation keeps the artificial blades erect and provides ballast for the synthetic grass. The installation of their artificial synthetic grass even includes preparation of the ground. So you always have an ideal foundation to work from.

2. Estate Greens Has the Best Drainage

Estate Greens utilizes the MaxxFlow drainage technology which is their proprietary material. This technology leverages 100% permeable backing to ensure amazingly fast and clean drainage. Drainage is of vital importance, especially if dogs will be enjoying the synthetic grass. Many OTHER Turf companies use a backing with holes burned or drilled into the backing. This “technique” is not effective and creates more issues than it solves. Aside from not draining effectively, urine odor is a common issue with other artificial grasses. Estates Greens synthetic grass with MaxxFlow drainage solves these problems.

3. Why Golf Fans love Estate Greens

If you enjoy a perfect putting green at the golf club; you will love the advantage of having a putting green right in your own back yard. Estate Greens installs putting greens complete with all the bells and whistles the Golf Clubs provide for their members. That means improving your game anytime, all year long.

4. Drought Proof with Estate Greens

When your lawn is drought proof with Estate Greens, you save. Our synthetic grass is not only a superior product. You will find our grass has the right look, the right feel and requires no watering to survive and thrive. This is especially important when you live in and around the Coachella Valley. With new laws and regulations, the push to conserve has never been greater. Not to mention the excessive heat, Estate Greens can save you money and add comfort and ease to your life.

5. An Artificial Lawn with Estate Greens

Estate Greens synthetic grass is truly a sight to be seen. Many people see natural grass as the best option for its softness; however, the blades of Estate Greens synthetic varieties mimic the movement and feel of natural grass. Estate Greens synthetic grass compresses into a soft cushion. When walked on giving you the feel of walking on a natural lawn. Estate Greens is worth a look before making a decision.